Our process

Tailored to your organization. Guided by our experience.

A successful search begins with a few basic concepts:

  • We work closely with our clients throughout the search to ensure a mutual understanding of the process, we are precisely targeting candidates, and an accurate representation of the company and job opportunity are made.
  • We must have a thorough understanding of the condition of the organization, the required qualifications, and the personality/style fit.
  • We must be thorough in our work.  Attention to the details of an organization assessment, job profiling, source research, candidate evaluation and communication are essential.

Our searches follow this general process, but are highly customized to fit the client’s needs:

Organizational Assessment

Our due diligence starts with an assessment of the organization in terms of its condition and needs as they relate to the position.  When practical, we begin our search by spending time in the organization gathering information via interviews, documents, plans, etc.

Position and Organizational Profiles

Our assessment work provides the information needed to prepare detailed Position and Organization Profiles.  The Position Profile explains job responsibilities, organizational relationships and the full range of required professional and personal qualifications.  The Position Profile helps to ensure our mutual understanding of the client requirements and our search efforts.  We use the Position Profile as a marketing document to communicate critical information to candidates and networking resources.  The Organization Profile is a background document that provides an overview of the organization to candidates.  Both of these profiles are approved by the client before we proceed.

Candidate Identification

Candidates are proactively sought from sources thought to be most likely to produce results.  We target industries, companies, and advertising appropriate to each search.  Over the years, we have developed a database from which to begin our search.

Candidates and networking sources are contacted directly by letter or email, telephone and often times by direct referral.  Our purpose at this step is to create an extensive working list of candidates from which to narrow down to a short list of qualified individuals.

Candidate Assessment

We assess candidates by resume review, telephone interview and for the most qualified, in-person interviews.  We next investigate references and confirm all professional credentials on those candidates who appear to meet our criteria.  Our reference contacts focus on past and present supervisors since job performance is of prime interest. During our assessment process, certain factors are constant.  We give high importance to stability in a candidates background balanced with diverse experience.  We also value a record of success.  For senior level positions, a successful track record is a must.  We look for evidence of leadership, results, and personal and business values consistent with our client requirements.

We are also flexible to other forms of assessment (such as psychological tests) that the client deems appropriate for the final candidates.

Presentation and Interviewing of Final Candidates

We typically present three to five final candidates, although this number is flexible at the client’s direction. We are flexible in this regard and give first priority to a process that gives a client comfort with their decisions.

We are available to participate with clients in the initial interviews with final candidates. We can contribute to thorough interviews and assist our client in their evaluation of finalists.